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    This page describes how the website is set out . It gives a brief description of the contents to be expected in the sections jumped to from the tabs on the left.

    HomePage This page is the welcome to the site will contain the latest news & updates ( Events, Cup Competitions, Tournaments, TTE News..).

    Sitemap This page will show you the layout of this site and what is in each page.

    Tables This page will show you all the Portsmouth league tables for this season, this will be updated every week dependent on Divisional Secs.

    Reports This page will have reports from each Portsmouth division every week. The reports will cover selected matches as covered by the Press Sec.

    Results This will have a summary of all the League Results during the season, this will be updated every week dependent on Divisional Secs.

    Averages This will have the averages for every player in the league. This will be updated at least twice per season but dependent on the Divisional Secs.

    Coaching This page will contain details on coaching sessions and other matters around the Portsmouth Coaching scene.

    Gallery This page will contain photos from Portsmouth Events.

    Contacts This page will contain useful names and numbers of the League Committee.

    Clubs This will have contacts details of the clubs playing in the Portsmouth TT League.

    Handbook This will contain the handbook of the Portsmouth Association ( Fixtures, Rules, Cup details, Last season summary ) and links to the Laws of Table Tennis

    Forms This will provide downloadable forms for the Portsmouth Association

    Archive The archives will contain historical data

    Feedback This page will present details of the E-mail address to send comments on the Website.

    Links This will contain useful links to other Table Tennis Websites.

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