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    Report for Matches played week beginning 12th Nov (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    In Division one two top players Danny Lucking and Damian Gadzinski were rubberless this week. Lucking’s Aces lost to a brilliant Cowplain Cocktails by a 9-1 margin. Paul May and Roger Winkworth were unbeaten and John Taylor added two losing only to Tom Chamberlain. Soberton A had an impressive 9-1 win against Portsmouth Scarlet as Robin Plunkett and Dave Woodacre won triples as Pete Woodacre supplied a double having lost for a second time to Kane Beale who lost a two set lead v Plunkett. Gadzinski lost in five sets to Dave Woodacre, and didn’t win anymore sets as he seemed to lose heart. Generation Kings beat leaders Portsmouth Purple 6-4. Mike Rhodes and Graeme Smith both won twice. Adam Proszko inevitable hat trick for Purple was this time in vain. Portsmouth Black are third having this week beaten Emsworth Eagles 8-2 with three wins by Pin Ka Yui. Lyn Candlish responded by beating Gordon Giles(by the narrowest of margins and Derek Chu, having also gone the distance v Yui. In a lowly clash Knowle Tenacity and Generation Jacks shared the spoils. Colin Jones(2), John Cooper(2) and Tony Emberson(1) were on the mark for Tenacity. Ed Slot with a maximum and Stephen Nelson Smith replied for Jacks. Aces beat Scarlet 7-3 with two each for Childs, Chamberlain and Josh Cooksley. Gadzinski won a brilliant triple for Scarlet.

    In a top v bottom clash in div two Portsmouth Crimson edged out a spirited PW Red 6-4 as Dylan Linsell won another hat trick. Phil Beal and Colin Miller played well for the reds with braces. Phoenix Satellites are hunting promotion after a 9-1 win v Knowle Valiant. Mike Turner and Duncan Poole notched trebles with Richard Stone losing the only rubber to Geraldine Morle. It’s worrying times for Avenue Dodos after another defeat at the hands of Knowle Green by a 7-3 margin. Dave Edge won a superb hat trick, supported by John Wildig(2) and Trevor Emery(1). Knowle Puffins beat Phoenix Satellites 6-4 in a top clash. Ricky Hensman won three having scraped home 25-23 in the deciding leg v Duncan Poole(2).

    In Division three Emsworth Seagulls are joint second after beating Eastoke Leopards 8-2 with hat tricks by Malcolm Deacon and Robert Churchill and a couple by Sandy Collier. Portsmouth Cherry are fourth. They defeated Cowplain Crimson 8-2 with trebles by Richard Comley and Cristian Fetcu. Sporting St Clares beat Water Black 8-2 with three each for Graham Wiggins and father Alan. Nuffield Health had a great 6-4 win at Empowere Phoenix Perseus with a Barry Marsh and two by Keith Waldron. Mark Matthams won twice for Empower.

    In Div four Portsmouth Cobalt went second after beating Emsworth Bluebell Pirates 7-3. Francis Yeong won three rubbers and Heather George won twice, which was matched by Dave Cannings of Pirates. Knowle Victory are third. They overcame Phoenix Jupiter by a 7-3 magrin. Christopher Langdale Langdale was undefeated, who was supported by Allison Houlgate with a couple. Terry Pilcher won twice for Jupiter. Phoenix Pluto crushed PW Gold 9-1 with three apiece by Barry Greenlee and Stuart Woodford, plus a double by Kostas Kyriakides. Portsmouth Azure had a fine 7-3 victory over Avenue Swifts, with their combination of Tomek Legg, Jack Venables and Sarwan Sabir winning a pair each.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 30th Oct (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    In the top division Knowle Rovers are scaling the dizzy heights of third place after a great 6-4 defeat of clubmates Tenacity. Alan Baldwin and Trevor Farrow won a couple each for the winners, while Andy Bugden replied with a double. Soberton A are second having seen off Generation Kings 10-0 with their line-up of Richard Billings, Robin Plunkett and Dave Woodacre who didn’t drop any legs. A much strengthened Generation Kings beat reigning champions Portsmouth Black 8-2. Quality player Tulay Dundar and Ed Slot won fine maximums. Slot is a very successful player in the high standard Southampton Premier. Mid table Cowplain Cocktails thumped Emsworth Eagles 10-0 with their combination of Paul May, Roger Winkworth and Mike Gibbs. Steve Long took Winkworth the distance as did Paul Fitzgerald v Gibbs.

    Portsmouth Crimson are the early pacesetters in div 2 having won all five games. This week they crushed Cowplain Alexandra 10-0 with their formation of Dylan Linsell and brother Julian, plus Andy Green. Phoenix Satellites have won three from as many starts, having edged out Dodos 6-4 with two each for Jim Malcolm and Paul Russell. Keith Ginn played well for Dodos with a brace. Portsmouth Red have made a disappointing start, but may still be a threat in the promotion battle. This week they drew with Knowle Green. Dave Wiles won a great three rubbers for red, with Will George winning twice, but team mate Lee Mullett is not firing on all cylinders. For Green Trevor Emery took a pair, as John Wildig and Dave Edge won one apiece. Mid table Knowle Valiant beat bottom side PW Red 7-3 thanks to Dave Mcintosh’s treble. Colin Miller responded with five set victories over Ray Jarratt and Dinger Bell.

    Cowplain Yellow are top of div 3 and unbeaten. They had a great 7-3 victory at the expense of Sporting St Clares. Pete Newman won a triple, supported by Fred Dowding and Bob Shaw with two apiece. Soberton B are second after crushing Phoenix Perseus 9-1. Russ Anderson and Mike Vogado won hat tricks with Adrian Hunt weighing in with a double. Emsworth Seagulls are third after defeating Nuffield Health 7-3. Malcolm Deacon took a hat trick, assited by Robert Churchill with a brace. Barry Marsh responded with two wins. Fourth placed Cowplain Crimson beat Eastoke Leopards 7-3 as Jeremy Wilson and Eric Ribovic won three each.

    In Div four St Clares Swifts have a 100% record after stuffing Emsworth Bluebell Pirates 10-0 with their line-up of Ray Gunter, Arnold Myers and Mike Richardson. Portsmouth Cobalt are second. They overcame Avenue Swifts by a 7-3 margin. Jill Clarke was unbeaten, while Phil Pinto replied by beating Francis Yeong and Simon Rignall. Cowplain Emerald beat Phoenix Pluto 8-2 courtesy of Pete Stock’s maximum. Kostas Kyriakides replied v Eric Harvey and Gary Churhill. In a lowly clash PW Gold easily defeated Portsmouth Azure 9-1 with hat tricks by John Atkinson and Brian Forsey plus a double by Bob Nockolds

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 23rd Oct (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Portsmouth Purple made it five wins from as many starts as they lead div one. This week they had a narrow 6-4 at the expense of Knowle Tenacity thanks to Adam Proszko treble and a double by Tim Hampton. Andy Bugden played well for the losing outfit in winning a brace. Portsmouth Black are second having this week beaten Knowle Rovers 7-3. Pin Ka Yui scored a hat trick, ably supported by Ollie Stanforth and Gordon Giles with a couple each. Generation Aces are third after defeating Emsworth Eagles 8-2. Charlie Childs and Tom Chamberlain were unbeaten. Generation Kings had a handsome 8-2 win at Portsmouth Scarlet. Josh Cooksley won a triple. Father Mike added two as did Graeme Smith. Cowplain Cocktails won 8-2 against whipping boys Generation Jacks 8-2 courtesy of Roger Winkworth’s maximum, who was well supported by John Taylor and Mark Waughman with a pair apiece.

    Div 2 leaders Portsmouth Crimson beat Knowle Green with three wins from Dylan Linsell and Rob Lewis.Knowle Puffins are second after winning 7-3 verus Water Red despite a comfortable treble by red’s Colin Miller. However Mike James, Brian Greenwood and reserve Geraldine Morle took the remaining rubbers. In a mid table clash Knowle Valiant drew at Cowplain Alexandra. Chris Bone(2), Ian Wield(2) and Mike Lee were on the mark for Alexandra. Ray Jarratt with two, Dinger Bell and Morle responded for Valiant.

    Cowplain Yellow top div 3 after defeating Portsmouth Cherry 6-4. Pete Newman, Fred Dowding and Bob Shaw all won two as did Richard Comley of Cherry. Soberton B are second after beating Seagulls 6-4 as Russ Anderson won a hat trick. Seagulls’s Robert Churchill responded with a good couple. Cowplain Crimson and Nuffield Health shared the spoils. Barry Marsh was man of the match with a treble for Health. Derek Wilson and Eric Ribovic both won twice for Crimson. Water Black beat whipping boys Eastoke Leopards 6-4. Pete Higgins won a hat trick, supported by John Cogley’s brace. Matthew Saunders won a double for Leopards.

    St Clares Swifts top div 4 after thumping Avenue Swifts 9-1. Arnold Myers(3), Mike Richardson(3) and Ray Gunter(2) was the winning formula. Portsmouth Cobalt are second having defeated Water Gold 9-1. Jill Clarke and Simon Rignall were undefeated, with Francis Yeong taking a pair. Emsworth Bluebell Pirates won 6-4 at Knowle Victory to claim their third win from as many games with Jeff Crate and Richard Stephen taking doubles, but no one could stop man of the match Tony Nelson who won a maximum for the beaten trio.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 16th Oct (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Portsmouth Purple beat Portsmouth Black 6-4 in a gripping title hopefuls clash. Adam Proszko(3) and Wojciech Placek 2) starred for Purple. Alex Robinson responded with a good pair.Aces beat Jacks 9-1 with three each for Childs and reserve Mike Cooksley. Two man Soberton beat Knowle Tenacity 7-3 with hat tricks by the Woodacre’s Pete and Dave. Portsmouth Scarlet beat Eagles 8-2 with Damian Gadzinski taking a maximum. Paul Fitzgerald responded by beating Thomas Poynter and Sam Adie. Knowle Rovers had surprise 6-4 win over Cocktails with doubles by Graham Taylor and Trevor Farrow. Mark Waughman replied with a pair.

    Phoenix Satellites crushed Water Red 10-0 with their combination of Poole, Turner and Lockton. Alexandra got a good draw at Puffins as Chris Corner won a triple. Greenwood and Hensman responded with a couple apiece. Portsmouth Red overcame Phoenix Saturn by an 8-2 margin. Wiles(3), George(2) and Mullett(2) guided them to victory.

    Cowplain Yellow top div 3 after beating Eastoke LEOPARDS 8-2 with three wins by Pete Newman and two apiece for Fred Dowding and Roland Grant. Emsworth Seagulls have made agood start after this week winning 6-4 at Empower Phoenix Perseus. Malcolm Deacon and Sandy Collier won two each for the winners. Mark Matthams responded with a double.Soberton b are unbeaten in three games, the latest a draw with Cowplain Crimson. Mike Vogado and Adrian Hunt took a couple apiece for Soberton, while Eric Ribovic won a hat trick for Seagullls. Nuffield Health gained their first win by beating Water Black 6-4 courtesy of hat tricks by Barry Marsh and Maurice Fitzgerald.

    In div 4 St Clares Swifts beat Water Gold 8-2 with a hat trick by Ray Gunter and braces from Arnold Myers and Mike Richardson. Portsmouth Cobalt and Cowplain Emerald shared the spoils with man of the match Eric Harvey taking a maximum for Emerald. Jill Clarke and Heather George both won twice for Cobalt. Emswoth Bluebell Pirates whitewashed Phoenix Jupiter with their line-up of Alistair Gibson, Cliff Holloway and Richard Stephen. Knowle Victory lost for the first time by 6-4 as Avenue’s Swifts Phil Pinto won a triple. Christopher Langdale replied with two wins.Phoenix Pluto crushed Portsmouth Azure 10-0 with their combination of Barry Greenlee, Kostas Kyriakides and Jim Thomas.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 9th Oct (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Portsmouth Purple beat Cowplain Cocktails 6-4 with three wins by Proszko and two by Hampton. Portsmouth Black beat Soberton A 7-3 with a triple by Mason and a couple by Pin Ka Yui. Dave Woodacre responded with a notable two wins. Gen Aces whitewashed Knowle Rovers with their formation of Childs, Rhodes and Callum Ashworth. Emsworth Eagles overcame Gen Jacks by an 8-2 margin. Fitzgerald won a great hat trick, while Dundar responded by getting the better of Long and Grubb.

    There was an astonishing game in div two when Portsmouth Red won 7-3 at Avenue Dodos with eight rubbers going the distance.George(3) and Wiles(2) starred for the victors. Stride was their best opponent with a double. Portsmouth Crimson beat Phoenix Satellites 8-2 with a hat trick by Julian Linsell, with two each for Green and Lewis. Phoenix Saturn won 7-3 at Alexandra thanks to a triple by Poole and a brace by Lockton. Corner replied with a pair. Knowle Puffins overcame Knowle Green 8-2 with a hat trick by Hensman. Wildig replied v Greenwood and James.

    Portsmouth Cherry leapfrogged Sporting St Clares after defeating them 6-4 in div 3. Cristian Fetcu won a great maximum having gone the distance against Graham and Alan Wiggins. Graham and Trevor Dodd both beat Vas Ignat and Richard Comley. Cowplain Yellow went third after beating Nuffield Health 8-2. Fred Dowding and Bob Shaw won trebles. Matthew Gilham got the only singles reply v Roland Grant. Michael Hutchinson lost five setters v Dowding and Roland Grant. Soberton and Newtown B went fourth after beating Water Black 7-3. Russ Anderson won a hat trick, supported by Adrian Hunt(2) and Pete Ward(1). Pete Higgins was Black’s best player with a double. Cowplain Crimson and Empower Phoenix Perseus shared the spoils. Ribovic and Jerry Wilson won two each and the doubles for Crimson, while Mark Matthams(2), Pete McWilliam(2) and Barry Greenlee responded for Perseus.

    Knowle Victory went top of div 4 after winning 8-2 against two player Water Gold. John Nelson and Elaine Diaper won maximums, but Brian Forsey won the only singles reply v Allison Houlgate. Phoenix Jupiter, Portsmouth Cobalt and St Clares Swifts all have two victories from as many games.Jupiter beat Avenue Swifts 6-4 with three wins from Terry Pilcher and a brace from John Milton Pooley. Phil Pinto was the best opponent with a brace. Cobalt overcame Phoenix Pluto 8-2 with all their line-up of Francis Yeong, Jill Clarke and Heather George winning twice. For Pluto Greenlee won a pair and Andy Bennett got a single. Cowplain Emerald had a 7-3 reverse at St Clares for whom Arnold Myers was unbeaten. Pete McWilliam replied with a double from three very tight rubbers.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 2nd Oct (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    In Division one there was a stunning performance from Lyn Candlish who won a hat trick for her side Emsworth Eagles against Knowle Rovers, being well supported by Paul Fitzgerald with a double, as the contest ended all square. For Rovers Trevor Farrow won twice, with Alan Baldwin and Graham Taylor taking singles.Reigning champions Portsmouth Black edged out Gen Kings 6-4. James Mason won three rubbers, with Cristy Pin taking a brace. For Kings Joshua Cooksley played vey well with a pair. Father Mike won once as did Graeme Smith. Portsmouth Purple are hoping for honours this season, having narrowly failed to claim runners up last season. They beat Gen Aces 7-3 with comfortable trebles by Adam Proszko and Wocjiech Placek. Charlie Childs, Tulay Dundar and reserve Josh Cooksley all won once for Aces last season’s runners up.Soberton A and Cowplain Cocktails finished level. Roger Winkworth won a great hat trick, having edged out Robin Plunkett13-11 in the deciding set. Paul May ended up with a double having beaten Pete Woodacre and against Plunkettt came back from the dead to win in five legs. For Soberton Dave Woodacre won twice, with father Pete and Plunkett gaining one apiece. The Woodacre’s won a close 4 set doubles to earn their point.

    In Div two Phoenix Saturn had two victories. They beat Knowle Valiant 8-2 with superb hat tricks by Daniel Osterman and Jim Malcolm. They also crushed Knowle Green 10- with their line-up of Neil Lockton, Duncan Poole and Richard Stone. Reserve John Nelson won 2 legs for the losing outfit. Portsmouth Crimson beat Avenue Dodos by an 8-2 margin. Rob Lewis won a great maximum, supported by Andy Green and Julian Lindsell with a couple each. Tony Dummer and Phil Stride responded with one win apiece.

    Sporting St Clares are the early div 3 leaders after crushing Eastoke Leopards 9-1 as Graham Wiggins scored a triple as did Patrick Gemmell. Father Alan Wiggins won twice. Leopards also lost 8-2 to Portsmouth Cherry. Richard Comley and Alfred Mathew won hat tricks, and were well backed up by Vas Ignat who won a pair. Soberton B and Cowplain Yellow shared the spoils courtesy of a Russ Anderson treble. Adrian Hunt added one and played a hand in the doubles win to salvage a point. For Yellow Fred Dowding and Bob Shaw won a couple each, supported by Roland Grant with a single. All of Shaw’s games went the distance. St Clares Swifts won 6-4 at Phoenix Pluto despite a maximum by Woody Woodford as Kostas Kyriakides could only add one. For Swifts Ray Gunter and Mike Richardson took two each and Arnold Myers won once. Emsworth Seagulls beat Cowplain Crimson 7-3 with three wins from Malcolm Deacon, another two by Rob Churchill and one by Sandy Collier. Jerry Wilson(2) and Eric Ribovic(1) responded for Crimson.

    In Division four Knowle Victory came out on top v Cowplain Emerald by a 7-3 margin. Chris Langdale was unbeaten on his debut, while Eric Harvey replied by beating Jill Greenwood(2) and Alison Houlgate(2). PW Gold defeated two man Phoenix Jupiter 7-3 despite aTerry Pilcher triple. For the victors John Cogley, Bob Nockolds and Brian Forsey all got the better of Tony Thompson.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 25th Sept (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Last season’s runners up Generation Aces suffered an opening game loss to an inspired Soberton and Newtown A by a 7-3 margin as Pete Woodacre scored a brilliant treble, son Dave added two losing only to Callum Ashworth, but Bill Moody beat him as he gained a single for the victors.Portsmouth Purple beat promoted Emsworth Eagles 7-3 as Adam Proszko and Tim Hampton secured maximums. Knowle Tenacity had a 5-4 scoreline in a two v two match v Portsmouth Scarlet, but only get a point for it.Colin Jones and John Cooper both beat Kane Beale, but lost in 5 sets to Thomas Poynter who made his mark in his Division one debut.Tenacity won the doubles.

    In Division two Knowle Puffins whitewashed Phoenix Saturn with their line-up of Ricky Hensman, Mike James and Brian Greenwood.Andy Tiller lost to Hensman 11-9 in the deciding leg. Cowplain Alexandra beat PW Red 8-2 as Ian Wield won a hat trick. Colin Miller responded by getting the better of Mike Lee and Chris Bone. Red also went down 6-4 to Knowle Green, with Trevor Emery unbeaten. John Amey added a double and John Wildig won once. For the beaten trio Miller won twice and Ray Hansler once.

    In Division three Sporting St Clares crushed Nuffield Health 9-1 with Graham Wiggins, Trevor Dodd and Patrick Gemmell winning all of the singles.

    In Division four Knowle Valiant and Phoenix Pluto shared the spoils. Tony Nelson won three for Victory, while Barry Greenlee and Kostas Kyriakides scored a pair apiece for Pluto. Emsworth Bluebell Pirates beat Avenue Swifts 6-4 coutesy of a Jeff Crate treble. For Swifts Phil Pinto and Andy Bates won a couple each.

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